Self Love Sundays Episode 2 with Carbie Cara

Self Love Sundays Episode 2 with Carbie Cara

Hey, y'all

We we are back with another episode of our - SELF LOVE SUNDAYS, this one hosted by our incredible social media manager Chelsea, join her with our incredible ambassador & influencer @Carbie_cara.

Self love Sundays is all about body positivity, and self acceptance and what a better way to do that by discovering the journeys of some amazing inspirational women that are a part of our community.

We asked Cara 5 questions and here are her answers below.

Tell us a little bit about you and your self love / body positive journey -

I like looking after myself, having a self care pamper night, going to the gym and fuelling my body and eating right! 

I think a lot of people have are under the conception that when you are on a weightless journey that you can’t love yourself at the same time. But I’m doing it because I love myself and because I love my body and that’s why I want to be the best version of me. 

I want my page to be comforting and realistic and Im finding instagram to be less negative now which I’m loving. 

If you could give one tip on how do you stay body positive what would it be?

Don’t look at yourself when you first wake up, do something else. I was constantly looking at myself everyday to check if my body had changed and that is not healthy. I love getting up 15 minutes early and journalling, I know this wont be for everyone so at least grab a cup of tea or some water and distract yourself.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

Its gonna sound cringe but @slimmingchels, your page is full of body positivity, its so nice to see you grow from a foodie weight loss account to loving yourself. Which is really nice to see and also Rosie Breen & Steffy G!

What’s your favourite J.LUXE.FIT item & your favourite way to style J.LUXE.FIT?

My favourite item has got to be the Scarletts_world Mocha Shorts they are my ride or die! Its absolutely insane!

What is your favourite recipe so we can share it in our weekly Wednesday recipes.

“I’m being a bit lazy at cooking at the moment I’m going to be honest! One of my favourite recipes at the moment is Air fried loads baby potatoes and there is so many different variations you can have!”

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