Sophie Lewis x J.LUXE.FIT - Influencer Collection

Sophie Lewis x J.LUXE.FIT - Influencer Collection

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Body Positive Activewear

J.LUXE.FIT, the empowering, body positive and comfortable women’s activewear brand has announced the launch of its latest range that now includes size XXXL bras and leggings.

Created in collaboration with digital content creator and body confidence influencer, Sophie Lewis, the J.LUXE.FIT x Sophie Lewis collection is now available on line at online at and is the sixth collection in all since the brand launched during the first lockdown in August 2020.

J.LUXE.FIT is a brand that allows women of all sizes to wear high-performance activewear that is supportive, comfortable and affordable. All of the J.LUXE.FIT activewear collections are designed with the consumer in mind and body inclusivity at their core. 

This collection that includes zip-front sports bras and squat-proof leggings, complete with deep side pockets, represents a huge milestone for J.LUXE.FIT founder Jordan Tuck (23), not least because of the exciting collaboration with Sophie Lewis, but also because this collection heralds the expansion of sizes in the range from XS (6-8) to XXXL (24/26).

Of the new collection, J.LUXE.FIT founder Jordan says, “When I started J.LUXE.FIT as an inclusive, empowering active wear brand, it was important to me to be able to offer a range of sizes that provided the support and confidence for women of all body types to work out alongside others in the gym or at classes. With this collection, we have achieved that and having listened to our customers, with Sophie’s help, we have introduced bras with adjustable straps and now zips at the front of the design, making it easier for woman to put them on and take them off comfortably, especially after a good workout.”

Sophie says, “I love what JLUXEFIT stands for and what it represents. I think everybody should have the chance to feel confident in their active wear and I’m honoured to be a part of a team of powerful women, which Jordan has built up over the last two years.  

“After trying the gear out, when Jordan asked me to collaborate on a collection with her I had absolutely no hesitation in saying yes, of course. This is one of the proudest moments of my career so far and I couldn’t be happier to work alongside such an inspirational person like Jordan.”

The collection includes:

  • Chocolate Brown Zip Front Sports Bra - £28
  • Steel Grey Zip Front Sports Bra - £28
  • Core High Waisted Chocolate Brown Leggings - £40
  • Core High Waisted Steel Grey Leggings £40

About the products 

J.LUXE.FIT x Sophie Lewis collection Sports Bras

The core zip front sports bra provides comfort and support during all workouts. The new zip front design allows for easy on and off, and adjustable straps help to ensure the perfect fit. This sports bra is also designed with a longer length, so it will not ride up when the wearer lifts her arms above her head. Match with the J.LUXE.FIT Core Chocolate Brown High Waisted Leggings!


  • Adjustable straps
  • High Impact Sports Bra
  • Zip front 
  • Reflective colour matching logo
  • Sizes XS-3XL

 The J.LUXE.FIT x Sophie Lewis collection Leggings

The new core high-waisted squat-proof leggings are made from a moisture-wicking stretch fabric that hugs the body from ankle to waist. From their high waistband to their subtle scrunch detailing, these are designed for complimenting any figure and supporting even the most dynamic of movements during a workout. They are not just for the gym either, these versatile leggings transition from sportswear to street style. Even better for when you are on the move, they come with two deep side pockets big enough to hold a phone and keys.


  • Side pockets on both sides - perfect for your phone & keys when on a run!
  • Logo on the back of Leggings
  • Scrunch to the back seam
  • Seamless front 
    75% Polyester & 25% Spandex