Self Love Sundays with Erikasworld_sw - Episode 3

Self Love Sundays with Erikasworld_sw - Episode 3

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Tell us a little bit about you and your self love / body positive journey –

I've had issues with my body image all my life even pre pregnancy, I had stretch marks from the top of my ‘hoo-haa to my chest’, I didn’t feel like I knew how to change it or that I deserved to focus on myself so much that I could make that change. If I'm being realistic I'm never going to look like Megan Fox and I had to accept my individuality.  It was about becoming the best version of me and accepting myself. That doesn’t make me less of a woman or less deserving of love than someone that has a toned body – I was going to say great body, but I have a great body so sod that!

If you could give one tip on how do you stay body positive what would it be?

Every day do an affirmation. It doesn’t just have to be on my body because im on a journey to love myself in every aspect. Day to day I find what helps me is just looking at myself and doing some stupid dances, me and Rory will wake up of a morning and do a little twerk off. A daily affirmation is so helpful telling yourself you look good! Now if someone gives me a compliment instead of saying ‘oh shut up, dont be silly’ I will now say ‘thank you’ to be more accepting of myself. Having some self reflection time is so important and remembering to do it for yourself and no body else.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

I don't know if I could pin point someone because the whole community through Instagram has helped me.  This hasn't been just through weight loss but behaviour and attitude changes. I genuinely believe I wouldn’t be where I am if I didn’t make this Instagram. Creating this page made me feel ‘if they can do it, why cant I’ and seeing everyone else’s struggles makes me feel like its all so normal.

What’s your favourite J.LUXE.FIT item & your favourite way to style J.LUXE.FIT?

Its got to be ANY of the leggings, since loosing weight I have the flattest ar$e and J.LUXE.FIT leggings make me feel like I have a peach. Plus the pockets!!

What is your favourite recipe so we can share it in our weekly Wednesday recipes.

I love my food so thats quite tricky!! I would have to say Creamy garlic chicken!!

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