Self Love Sundays with Scarletts_world - Episode 1

Self Love Sundays with Scarletts_world - Episode 1

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Hey, y'all

We kickstarted our bi weekly IG live series - SELF LOVE SUNDAYS, with our incredible ambassador & influencer @scarletts_world_.

Self love Sundays is all about body positivity, and self acceptance and what a better way to do that by discovering the journeys of some amazing inspirational women that are a part of our community.

We asked Scarlett 5 questions and here are her answers below.

Tell us a little bit about you and your self love / body positive journey -

I was trapped in my own image: staring back at me, thinking I hate what I see. I was 30 years old and still hating myself.

It wasn't until lockdown that I started to get up and exercise and eat well. It was then that I found myself having to look at myself in all of the mirrors in my house—it got to the point where I was trapped in my own image staring back thinking "I hate what I see." It got to the point where I wondered why am I doing this to myself?

But then something happened: when I started this page it wasn't anything to do with that. But then uploaded a picture of myself and captioned it about putting an end to feeling this way & wanting to make room for self acceptance…and so many people responded! I couldn't quite believe how many people felt the same way.

And so here we are!

If you could give one tip on how do you stay body positive what would it be?

"Wake up everyday and pick one thing you like about yourself you don't have to love it it doesn't have to be physical but something you focus on"

Who is your biggest inspiration?

"I couldn't give a person as there is a lot of people, but women that I talk to on here (Instagram), real women that have been on journeys themselves similar to me. These people inspire me to keep pushing the message of self acceptance"

What’s your favourite J.LUXE.FIT item & your favourite way to style J.LUXE.FIT?

"Can I pick 2? obviously my High Waisted Mocha Leggings I would style these more casually with a big oversized cream hoodie. Then the new Black Zip up Sports Bra *chefs kiss! I wish you did this in mocha!"

What is your favourite recipe so we can share it in our weekly Wednesday recipes.

"I couldn't pick one but it would be Chicken Parmigiana or the Beef Pappardelle"

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Want to watch the video live? Click here  to watch the full Instagram Live video.